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INI Interior
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Ini Ristorante’s culinary concept draws inspiration from the seasonality and simplicity of Japanese and Italian flavors and seeks to find the perfect harmony between the two. Chef-driven and culturally inspired, Ini Ristorante’s menu combines Japanese and Italian cuisine’s ingredients, tastes, and techniques to bring you an unmatched dining experience. 

The Design

Ini Ristorante's interior concept invokes a sense of comfort and familiarity by juxtaposing the layered textures of an outdoor home kitchen with natural elements and bright lights. The rustic concrete flooring, textural solids, and light warm woods transition into pops of bright blue and lush greenery, all centered around an open skylight showcasing the focal fig tree below. This approach pays homage to a gardening and outdoor cooking tradition that cultivates a space centered around fresh ingredients and good company.

The Vision

Located in the heart of Fountain Valley and bordering one of Orange County’s most important cultural enclaves - Little Saigon - Ini Ristorante aims to bring to the area a first-of-its-kind dining experience through inspired culinary offerings, hospitality, and upscale-casual ambience.

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